Project Description

Contemporary Kitchen Country Club New Orleans

Country Club Contemporary Design

A Contemporary Upgrade for a Traditional Kitchen

This gorgeous home is located in Houma, Louisiana, and belongs to a young couple with a brand new baby. The home was relatively new and the kitchen was originally designed in a more traditional style. We worked closely with this client to add more contemporary elements to the kitchen with a blend of metal, stone, and wood materials. To achieve this, we incorporated different textures for the cabinets. Both high gloss lacquer and veneer were used, all from Downsview Kitchens. The cabinets also feature stainless steel handles to match the appliances and create a sleek, modern look. The tall cabinets and additional island cabinetry create effortless storage – perfect for a new family. Along with the neutral cabinets, we added a full marble backsplash and matching countertops to keep the contemporary style flowing throughout the kitchen. We also added a custom brushed metal hood, halo lights, a stone tile wall with a mounted TV, and a stainless steel oil-burning fireplace.

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