Benefits of Working with a Custom Cabinet Designer


It never fails. Going home to visit the parents and having to open every single door and drawer to find what you’re looking for because it Just. Does. Not. Make. Sense. Not only does that nearly send Mom into a tailspin, but there’s definitely no sneaking a midnight snack of home-cooked goodness with all that racket!

Do you dream of a kitchen where everything has its own place? Does the idea of creating an organizational system make you want to scream? Don’t fret, call Classic Cupboards and work with one of our custom cabinet designers! It’s literally their job to help determine the best layout for your kitchen (or bath, or mudroom, or laundry), responding to the architecture of the space and the way that you and your family live.


One of the key benefits of working with someone that designs cabinets for decades is the vast knowledge that comes with their experience. In addition to working day in and day out to design layouts for kitchens and spaces of all sizes, a cabinet designer is plugged into a knowledge pipeline that allows them access to an array of resources. They have real-world-tested knowledge of functional layouts and obstacles to avoid when designing a custom cabinetry project. Staying on top of trends and the latest product and design innovations, your specific needs will be articulated into a design that is not only functional but beautiful.

hidden home bar


Knowing the ins and outs of available components, a custom cabinetry designer can help you to maximize the efficiency of your space. They’re able to offer invaluable guidance, from situating cabinets and appliances to make life easier for a left-handed cook to optimizing the workflow within the kitchen triangle. Knowing the availability within specific cabinetry brands for both standard and specialty components, a designer will make certain that every inch of your kitchen cabinets is designed for functionality.

custom spice rack cabinet


Adding personality and flair with customized options, a custom cabinetry designer can provide input when adding cabinet accessories and specialized components to make navigating your kitchen a piece of cake! Special pull-out or pull-down shelving and storage systems can have your mixer stored away or at counter level with ease, or hidden spice racks and pan storage with dividers can ensure that everything has its own space. The sky is truly the limit when selecting styles and finishes to complement your design.


Going above designing spaces for your pots and pans, a custom cabinetry designer’s work extends beyond the kitchen. Custom cabinets in a mudroom or ancillary space near the garage can be transformed into a high-functioning catch-all that prevents those permission slips or shoes from going into the abyss. Pantry systems can extend the functionality of your kitchen while a high functioning cabinet design can take the dread out of doing the laundry. (Well, maybe.) A custom cabinetry designer can even turn that forgotten bedroom or corner into the home office of your dreams, making the work-from-home or school-from-home life a little less tedious. And let’s not forget the use of custom cabinetry in the bathroom, or better yet, the closet! Working with a custom cabinetry designer can turn these spaces into a show-stopping beauty, all while keeping your trinkets and treasures close at hand.

The custom cabinetry designers at Classic Cupboards are here to help turn your dreams into reality. Caught in the fog? They can also help to make sense of the space and create a design that will stand the test of time. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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