Another year has passed and more trends have come and gone. For those embarking on construction or kitchen renovation projects in 2022, read on for top trends to emerge in the coming year.



Larger kitchens and more entertaining opportunities surface as we emerge from the trials of the last two years. Dual islands allow for one to become an extended work surface, often with integrated appliances, while the second allows for friends and family to gather. When space is no object, the addition of a second island has become a much-loved upgrade to tomorrow’s kitchens.


Making adjacent spaces highly functional allows for a more open plan design for kitchens, making any combination of mudrooms, utility rooms, butler’s pantry, and other pantry areas high on the design wish-list. Moving countertop appliances into the pantry, and creating serving areas and bar spaces within the butler’s pantry, while also maximizing the mudroom as a control center of the house, these spaces can both increase the feeling of a large kitchen or help to create a seamless transition from living to cooking spaces.

custom Butler-Pantry


On the opposite end of the square footage spectrum, maximizing the feel of small spaces, a flexible layout that transitions from kitchen to dining to relaxing is increasing in popularity among those who live to entertain, regardless of the size of their space. Concealing cabinets and appliances behind decorative door or drawer panels, the concealed kitchen lends itself to one large living space.


Allowing occupants to multi-task, technological advances have extended to touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and push-open doors and drawers that eliminate the need for cabinet hardware, creating a streamlined look that lends itself to the growing popularity of concealed kitchen spaces.



Creating a design fusion of materials, from sleek marbles to textural woods and glimmering metallics, kitchen designs are still trending toward collaboration. Using materials in new and surprising ways, mesh cabinet inlays, brass door handles on rich wood cabinets, dual color cabinets, and the return of colorful appliances allow for designs to be as subtle or as bold as you dare.

contemporary kitchen new orleans


Glazed tile is both easy to clean and offers versatile design options. From muted whites and subtle variations to contrast colors or handcrafted tiles featuring custom paint designs or irregular edges, the backsplash brings texture and character to the space. Tilework is increasingly seen on expansive walls, punctuated by floating shelves or free-hanging hoods.


Color choices on opposite ends of the color wheel create a bold contrast and the white kitchen design is seeing an update with pops of color in accessories that can be easily changed. Interior styling and the incorporation of colored countertop appliances, curated art selection, and smartly accessorized shelves with decorative items and cookbooks extend the warm, lived-in look highly desired in today’s kitchens.



We’ve mentioned the return of colorful appliances and vintage accessories, and when it comes to kitchen design, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. From farmhouse furniture to mid-century designs to period lighting, timeless pieces introduce character to a space, whether styled classically or in an unconventional way. The skirted sink panel is another unexpected return, offering easy access to supplies while further referencing the homeowner’s design scheme.


Serving an important function, gone are the days of hiding the cooktop hood in a custom-designed cabinetry piece. Using craftsmen and specialized materials, hoods are now taking the spotlight with intricate metalwork, inlaid tile designs, and more. Creating an eye-catching statement that anchors the kitchen cabinetry design, aesthetically designed hoods have been increasingly popular in new designs.

After kitchen remodel

The design team at Classic Cupboards has their fingers on the pulse of these emerging design trends and can help you incorporate as much or as little into your new kitchen design.

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