Choosing Kitchen Appliances During a Remodel

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo?

It should come as no surprise that the appliance selections are one of the first decisions to be made when planning a kitchen project, since appliance specifications are integral in the planning of your cabinetry layout and design.

With many models and ever-changing technologies available, it is important to consider how you plan to use your kitchen. Consider both regular use and for holidays and special events in order to select appliances that will suit all of your needs. With a variety of sizes for new construction or remodels, and options for an energy efficient kitchen, there’s a perfect set of appliances out there for you!


Ovens, Microwaves, Cooktops, Warming Drawers

Everyone approaches cooking in a different manner, and you should consider this when selecting appliances. If you entertain regularly or host large holiday gatherings, warming drawers and double ovens can lighten the load. Whether you prefer a gas or an electric heat source, your cooktop can offer some variety. Gas cooktops can feature iron burner grates and front facing controls. Electric cooktops offer a more modern aesthetic with easy cleanup and energy efficiency.

Microwaves can be integrated into vent hoods when space is necessary, or you can opt to integrate your microwave into your kitchen island for a tucked away look. Multi-functional ovens can help to maximize your space and allow for home cooked meals after a long day.

When thinking about kids or adults aging in place, locate these high-use appliances at counter height or within an island for easy access.

  • Wolf

  • Best

  • Fulgor Milano

  • Vent-A-Hood

  • Miele

kitchen stove with tile backsplash


Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers, Beverage Fridges

When it comes to the cooling appliances, the sky’s the limit with customization. Have kids in the house? Refrigerators feature multiple configurations that allow the kids to have easy access to dedicated “snack centers.” Now refrigerator models feature touch-screen capabilities and message boards!

If you’re one to do lots of meal prep and want easy grab-and-heat meals, a large stand-alone freezer can provide convenience for your family.

Wine Connoisseur? Consider a wine fridge for your kitchen or home bar. And don’t forget the ice makers – a home bar essential!

Brands We Love:

  • Sub-Zero

  • Plum Wine Dispensers

  • U-Line

  • Scotsman Ice Machines

  • Miele

  • Perlick

  • Hoshizaki

Contemporary Kitchen Country Club New Orleans


Who’s turn is it tonight?

While there’s not much variety when it comes to the size of a dishwasher, the configuration and noise output are your two most important considerations. Look for a model with a variety of cleaning cycles and consider the interior layout and the types of dishes that you use most often.

Brands We Love:

  • Asko

  • Cove

  • Miele

Traditional Kitchen Parkside New Orleans

Measure, and measure again

What’s the most important measurement to consider when planning for new appliances? The width of the doors in the path of travel. Before you purchase, make sure that the appliance (especially refrigerators) can fit through the doorways to arrive at its destination. Consider cabinet space when doors are opened – is your open fridge or oven going to block cabinet space?

Remember that it’s possible to remove the doors to gain a few inches of maneuvering room, but aside from that…everyone think back to high school geometry lessons!

Today’s appliances can integrate seamlessly into a variety of design schemes. From classic no-smudge stainless to cutting edge black stainless appliances, the color and finish of your appliances will make a large impact in your overall kitchen design.

Increasing in popularity are colored appliances, specifically for the range. By focusing that pop of color on one appliance instead of the entire suite, we can avoid a replay of the days of Avocado Green or Harvest Gold kitchens! And if you’d prefer not to see your appliances, many are available in panel-ready designs to seamlessly blend into your cabinet design!

Whether you need a workhorse kitchen that can serve your family’s needs, or if you are looking for an efficient layout to minimize the time spent over a stove, Classic Cupboards can help you navigate the decision-making process.

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With top of the line appliances and a team that can walk you through the options and technologies available, your dream kitchen is never out of reach!

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