Cleaning up the Mudroom


What’s key to surviving the day aside from a good night’s sleep and a well balanced breakfast? As we embark upon a new school year, let’s take a moment to explore one room in the house that can help to put everyone on the path to success.

The MUDROOM, your last line of defense when rushing out the door and the first thing you encounter when returning home, proves itself to be a multifunctional space that can help to streamline our busy lifestyles.

History of Mudrooms

Originating in rural American homes as the place where family members took off their muddy boots, the mudroom began as a pass-through vestibule located off the backside of the kitchen in farmhouses. A secondary entrance meant for the occupants of the home, this space was designed to prevent dirty boots and wet clothing from entering the main living areas.

Evolution and Modern Use

Still used to keep the main living spaces neat and tidy, the Mudroom has evolved throughout the years. In the 1980s higher-end houses started incorporating the Mudroom as its own separate space rather than the “Back Hall” of previous years. With homes in the North turning basements into rec rooms, and the lack of basements in Southern homes, the space between the garage and the kitchen became increasingly useful for families to stash sports equipment, coats, shoes, and umbrellas, serving as a buffer between outdoor and indoor activities. Now, most homes are equipped with some sort of dedicated “landing spot” for these items, through built-in cabinets with bench seats, electronic charging stations, bulletin boards and more.

Custom Mudroom New Orleans

Secrets for Success

Mudrooms are most efficient when everything has its own designated space. With custom cabinetry, you can coordinate the design with the nearby Kitchen or Utility Room while optimizing storage to create a space for all the accessories of your busy lives. Take a moment to think about how your family will use this space and the types of storage that will be important to maintaining your sanity. First, start by giving everyone their own designated space and add hooks to hang purses, bookbags and coats for easy access. A bench makes it easy to remove shoes or set down bags while drawers or baskets underneath can serve as a catch-all for gloves, hats, shoes and more. Upper storage can provide a place for off-season items without having to find another space elsewhere in the home.

Tucked Away Or On Display

You may want to incorporate both open and closed storage, to hide away some of the unsightly necessities while allowing some of the containers to function as decor elements in open cubbies or shelves. A tall cabinet can store larger sports items, keeping them easily accessible without becoming a trip hazard. Create a drop station for all those electronic devices with multiple electrical outlets that can be nestled into a drawer for tangle-free efficiency.


Create a space for all of the small items that can clutter your kitchen countertops by incorporating extra hooks to hold small items, such as ID lanyards or facemasks, and designate a folder in each person’s locker area for important papers to be signed and returned. By incorporating a family calendar, you can easily track all of our activities and a pin-up space can serve as an art gallery for all the school projects.

A well-designed Mudroom is key to ensuring that everyone has all their parts and pieces before venturing out to tackle another day. Maximize the efficiency of your mudroom space with help from the designers at Classic Cupboards.

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