Everything You Need to Know About Butler’s Pantries

Looking for a way to improve your kitchen’s functionality while also adding a bit of stylistic flair? A butler’s pantry may be exactly what you need to deliver additional storage with a luxurious touch.

What is a butler’s pantry?

A butler’s pantry is a small room just off your main kitchen that provides extra storage and food preparation space. Historically, butler’s pantries were used to store valuable silverware and china. In terms of layout, butler’s pantries have also often been used as a means of separating the kitchen from the dining room, and to give meals a staging area. The butler would take the cooked food, get it prepared on plates in the pantry, and then bring it out to the dining room to serve guests.

A change in interior design trends led to a decrease in usage of butler’s pantries, but they are beginning to come back into style and can be a very practical choice for homeowners who have the space and are looking for a way to improve their kitchen.

The benefits of having a butler’s pantry in your home

Open floor plans, along with a rise in at-home entertaining, have led to butler’s pantries starting to come back into vogue. Open spaces can result in people having to cook in front of their guests, and not everyone is comfortable in the spotlight while preparing meals.
The butler’s pantry, then, offers a concealed space where you can contain the mess associated with food preparation, keeping your main kitchen area clean and open for hosting.

The storage benefits should also not be left unstated. People often find it is easy to run out of storage space in a kitchen. A butler’s pantry gives extra space if you’re unable to fit all of your cookware, serving ware, dry goods or other items in kitchen cabinets or on open shelving. It can also be a place for you to store small appliances that do not get used as regularly as, say, a microwave or coffee maker.

You can easily store away blenders, food processors and other such small appliances if your current kitchen does not afford you the space to do so. In fact, adding in additional power outlets into your butler’s pantry allows you to keep some of these small appliances ready to use at any time.

Beyond storage and preparation space, the butler’s pantry can offer you additional cold storage in the form of a mini fridge, wine chiller or cooler, which can be highly beneficial if you do a lot of entertaining. You could also add a hot plate, cooktop of warming tray for hot storage if you need to keep food warm while other dishes are being finished or while courses are being eaten in the dining room.

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