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It’s no secret that many would like to see the events of 2020 fade into oblivion, but what about the design styles? As the calendar turns to a new year, we can expect to see a resurgence of the “Remember When…” of simpler times. Before you go breaking out the bellbottoms or poodle skirts, let’s take a minute to explore what this means for home design and functionality.

Taking lessons learned while working and schooling from home, designs for the New Year are trending to a more relaxed atmosphere, seeing a decrease in minimalism and an increase in dedicated spaces and purposeful designs that evoke your own personality.


OUT: Open Floor Plans

The appeal of working and schooling from the dining room table while someone else is watching TV in the living room has waned. We’ve realized that for our own sanity, the home/work balance must be maintained by creating specific spaces for each task. 


The always-put-together look has definitely gone by the wayside as we’ve all gone back to basics, with a blend of old and new pieces and mixing finishes helps to add a level of cozy to the home where we’re spending so much of our time.

IN: Privacy

Expect to see more walls as dedicated or flexible spaces are being incorporated more and more. The Home Office and Playroom are especially important here. We’ve already talked about ways to convert a section of your home into a viable workspace, but in 2021, more physical and audio separation will come into play.

Bathroom and Appliance Innovations

With the toilet paper shortage still fresh in everyone’s memory, bidet attachments and touch-less bathroom fixtures as well as push open and close cabinet hardware have allowed us to incorporate more hands-free options to our homes. Clever cabinetry provides additional storage options while appliances tucked into drawers that are outfitted with cabinet fronts have made some of our common tasks much easier, eliminating some awkward reaches and dare-we-say allowing you to dole out chores more easily!

Outdoor Kitchens

Again, allowing everyone to spread out and making the most of our time at home, outdoor living and cooking spaces have become a top priority of homeowners that we expect to see continue well into the new year.

custom desk cabinets


OUT: All White Kitchens…And Gray Too

The stronghold that the crisp white kitchen and cool gray paint schemes have had for the last several years is giving way to warmer tones and more deeply saturated grays.

IN: Neutrals & Pops of color

Blending sophistication of warm neutrals with highly pigmented colors and dramatic accents, you’ll notice that the major paint companies are leaning to teal, emerald, and bronzy greens when they’re releasing their 2021 Color Forecasts. In the Kitchen, perhaps the hottest design trend centers on emerald green cabinetry, followed close behind by a deep, rich navy. Warm wood grains are blending with highly variegated marble-look countertops to create a balance in textures while still bringing that ever-important warmth.

navy blue kitchen island cabinets


OUT: Faux anything

Trade your dusty fiddle leaf for the real thing, and incorporate more organic materials into your design. Again, wood tones, rattan, and wicker are on the upswing!

Mid-Century Modern

Perhaps the most controversial proclamation, this ties in with the outward trending of minimal design and a put-away look in favor of cozy, inviting spaces.

IN: Houseplants

Or if you want to get technical, Biophilic Design. Indoor gardening has seen a resurgence in popularity as people realize the physical and mental health benefits.


Comfort is key, whether it’s in the form of retro furniture, or incorporating a layering of blankets and pillows to reflect your personality. Printed wallpaper and statement pieces, even textured walls, keep things exciting if you’re staring at the walls all day.

custom bathroom double vanity

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