As more people transition to working from home, the need for a functional home office is growing. From dining tables, to hallway nooks and even couches we’ve all had to adapt.

The home office is not a cookie-cutter installation. You have the ability to personalize the space to suit the feel and décor of your home. Take advantage of the multifunctional use that custom office furniture offers.

That small desk crammed into the corner of the spare bedroom is no longer going to cut it. With a few simple steps, you can transform the space into an efficient office area that works for you.


Location, location, location. Once you select the right space, decide where in the room you’ll place your desk. Against a wall is the best way to take advantage of the available space in a room. 

  • L-shaped desk designs allow you to have dual work zones for computer space and writing space.

  • A work peninsula is a versatile solution that allows for two workstations to fit within a small space. Perfect for kids learning from home!

  • Use adaptable bedding such as Murphy beds that blend into the room’s design and provide much-needed guest accommodations.


Once you’ve determined the location and layout of your office, you’ll need the right setup and tools to work efficiently. 

  • Invest in an ergonomic chair to minimize strain and ensure that you are sitting in the correct position.

  • Situate your computer an arm’s length away and bring the monitor or laptop screen up to eye level, adding an anti-glare screen to help you stay focused on getting work done. If your job involves staring at a screen all day, be sure to wear some blue-light blocking glasses to prevent eye strain.

  • Paint the walls a cheery color and add décor to bring personality to the room. Plants are a great way to add some life to a home office.

  • Invest in high speed internet and a network router to make sure that all the computer users in the home can work or stream without interruption.

  • And finally, don’t forget cord management to minimize tangles and protect those files and your equipment with a surge protector!


Through the use of custom cabinetry, you can maximize your office space to suit your day to day activities. Like other cabinets in your home, your storage needs will change as you utilize the space, so flexibility is important.

  • Custom cabinetry allows you to hide electrical components. Be sure to look for cabinets with built-in vents to prevent overheating.

  • Add bookshelves to display mementos and keep books or paperwork handy.

  • Use lower cabinets to house filing systems. Add inserts to organize mail, office supplies and corral clutter.


Adding custom cabinetry to your home office allows you to select finishes and styles that match your home’s aesthetic. You can also enjoy the advantages of many cabinetry construction options. High capacity door slides, soft close hardware, and solid wood construction ensure that your office will last and stand up to repeated use. Architectural moldings and other embellishments can add to a look of sophistication and grandeur. Floating or glass shelves and a slim profile can add a contemporary look and feel to your office. Either way, you can customize your space to suit your style and your needs.

Looking for some custom home office inspiration? Check out our portfolio of past projects!

Original Designs
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At Classic Cupboards, our designers will work with you to design an office space that suits you and maximizes space both horizontally and vertically. With a well-designed home office, working from home can be a breeze.

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