Without a doubt the hardest working room in the home, your kitchen should function like a well-oiled machine. An organized kitchen is free from frustrations and makes meal planning and preparation easier by reducing time looking for a particular kitchen tool, or saves money spent buying duplicate pantry items.

With a variety of shelving and cabinetry options, your kitchen should be organized to best support your lifestyle. A cooking guru? Keep your handiest utensils and spices within arm’s reach. Culinarily challenged and a master of takeout? Disposable serving-ware and grab-and-go may be your lifesavers.

An organized kitchen will make cooking and cleaning much easier, if not more enjoyable. It’s also easier to delegate some of the kitchen chores to others in the household if everything has its own space. With today’s cabinetry options, organization is no longer an afterthought. Let’s look at some of your options, piece by piece.


Built-in utensil drawers offer dividers and stackers to keep items from sliding around and making everything visible and easily accessible. Pull-out drawers adjacent to the cooktop can hold canisters for your cooking utensils, keeping them close at hand while reducing clutter in your cook space.


Don’t shy away from the use of bins within your cabinets and drawers to corral similar items. Shelf risers add additional storage space and a tilt-out drawer front at the sink can stow your sponges and other dishwashing essentials.

custom cabinet storage


Add a plate rack to your cabinets, either as a visible display or hidden behind a cabinet door. This upright rack makes it easy to grab when plating up your meal. Under-cabinet organizers can be used to hang and display your wine glasses, or simply nestle them within the cabinet by alternating the direction of each.


The options here are endless! Utilize a pantry drawer near your cooktop for all of your commonly used spices, or create a stately hood with cabinets that extend down to your countertops and house pullouts for your spices. Shelf risers are also greatly utilized when storing spices within a cabinet.

custom spice rack


File away your baking pans and cookie sheets with another easy to use pullout cabinet insert option. Cutting board organizers can easily pull double duty to organize your platters and prevent you from having to sort through a stack when needed.


Light coves built into cabinets conceal under-cabinet lighting and power strips, but innovative puck lighting or LED strips can also be used with minimal intrusion. Keep focus on your gorgeous backsplash with the help of mounted power strips with handy USB outlets. For tech-savvy cooks, you can utilize the underside of your cabinet for a tablet mount to keep your device away from countertop messes.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
traditional style cabinetry with lighting


Take advantage of dead space by installing turntables within your corner cabinets, allowing you to access every square inch. Add bins on your Lazy Susan to group items for easy access or add smaller turntables to cabinets or pantries to easily sort and grab jarred items.


Up the convenience quotient with roll out cabinet base trays to make grabbing pots and pans easier than ever. New pull-out step stools can easily be integrated into as little as 5 or 6” of cabinet space and help with accessing items stored on upper shelves.

There are also several options for various appliances. Many people enjoy creating their own coffee-nook or even an appliance “garage” to stow away frequently used appliances such as coffee makers or toasters. For the baker in the family, consider a mixer storage cabinet, allowing your appliance to easily hinge upward to countertop level and remain easily stored off the countertop when not in use.

transitional style cabinets with hidden appliance corner
hidden home bar

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