With the internet bringing information right to your fingertips, the communication overload can sometimes be daunting, if not downright confusing. When planning your kitchen design, the mere act of deciding which style fits your tastes shouldn’t send you into a tailspin.

Kitchens are the gathering spot of the home and the center of nourishment for the family, and should be an expression of your personality combined with a functional layout. A few telltale signs will let you know if you lean more Traditional or Contemporary in style. And if you like aspects from both…well, then you might be Transitional!



A traditional kitchen design evokes familiar and inviting memories, with warm tones of wood and stone featured abundantly. The character and charm of these cabinet details are found in the use of embellishments, whether it’s appliques, ornate glass door inserts, or decorative moldings. Etchings and carvings can be found on molding and trim, and corbels may be added to the corners of an island or under the hood above the cooktop.

Traditional Kitchen Avenue Mansion New Orleans

Traditional kitchens always feature raised panel doors styles, with cabinets often extending to the ceiling. Ranging from formal to casual, a traditional kitchen may feature cabinets designed to mimic the look of furniture, or incorporate repurposed furniture pieces into the design – often with a hutch for extra storage, or an island for eating and gathering. Through the use of symmetry, the Traditional kitchen maintains balance.



Featuring clean, open spaces with sleek lines, the contemporary kitchen eliminates ornamentation and focuses on functionality. Modern/contemporary kitchens also feature painted cabinets or high gloss enamel or laminate finishes as well as linear grains and wood tones incorporated into the design.

Contemporary Kitchen Downtown New Orleans

A sleek and minimalist approach is taken to the design, with simple square and rectangular shapes. Door styles are often slab front, and always full overlay, with minimal or no hardware. With creative storage solutions incorporated into the design, many Contemporary kitchens take advantage of the latest in technology and feature commercial grade appliances. Incorporating a bold color and sparingly decorated, stainless steel is often featured in abundance. Ripe with innovation, the Contemporary kitchen places itself at the forefront of technology and design.



Are you one to throw out the rule book and blend styles? Combine various colors and textures? Reinvent traditional elements in a new and contemporary way? Then a transitional design style will suit you well. Combining the features of both Traditional and Contemporary designs, sleek lines are balanced by embellishments that give the space a warm and inviting appeal. The Modern Farmhouse is perhaps the most commonly recognized of the Transitional styles, with shaker style cabinets, industrial lighting, and a mixture of wood tones with crisp white or neutral finishes.

Transitional custom cabinet kitchen design

Showcase your preference to a design that leans more traditional by installing your Shaker cabinet door with full overlay and bridge the gap toward creating a Transitional kitchen. If you prefer a little more Traditional, the clean lines of the Shaker door style can be installed with partial overlay.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets & Design

To reinvent traditional elements in a contemporary way, adjust the scale of the traditional or contemporary influence to create a kitchen that is uniquely you. Mixing manmade and natural materials, taking advantage of a neutral color palette with a pop of color, or blending old and new elements allows you to take advantage of versatility in style that is afforded in a Transitional kitchen design.

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