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Interior Design Inspiration, Tips, & More

With our blog, you can expect content related to before & after interior renovations, learning more about custom design processes, and company updates. Classic Cupboards’ blog will also provide insight on the high quality products that go into every completed project involving cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and more!

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Color

Starting a kitchen design? Paint is practically the last thing you need to pick. Stay with me here. Before you run off to the paint store for a myriad of samples, spend a little time envisioning the finished product. Light and airy? Cozy and comfy?

Cabinet Hardware 101

The “jewelry” of the cabinets, choosing decorative hardware is met with unlimited possibilities. All performing the same functions – opening and closing doors and drawers – the various styles, sizes, and finishes can make selecting the right combination akin to selecting your wardrobe for the special night out.

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